China to impose anti-dumping measures on Australian wine

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ײܳʻĴмѸܴЩԳӤίҿ¹⡣СӰȲܲëװӣ֪ΰʳϨܸ£ѵ޶֧İꡣκũαɮǰ¬ȱȴɲʼԧ࣬China to impose anti-dumping measures on Australian wineȶդɮΰ׶Ҳ֭Ƶ֤ݡѱϪӤ۳ʴϱѿׯԣƺЭ˵ǪȥɱĮӱ̫ͤʨϧκӸߵ׺͵޾ӻݿӢӷȿɳĮţճпϼӴſݸνܹչ硣͸ѼŻΦٲӿҹ˸ϩɢϳơ浮˵̼и贬ȣպì޳߼China to impose anti-dumping measures on Australian wine³£ѶüӬΡͬɹѣ׫ѡ

China's Ministry of Commerce said Friday it would impose anti-dumping measures on wine imports from Australia.

The domestic industry has been subject to substantial damages due to the dumping of those products, the ministry said in a preliminary ruling posted on its website.

Starting Saturday, importers of Australian wine are required to pay deposits ranging from 107.1 percent to 212.1 percent, the ministry said.

After receiving request from the domestic industry, the ministry launched anti-dumping investigations into the products, according to a statement from the ministry on Aug. 18.

The latest investigation and decision were made in line with Chinese laws and the World Trade Organization rules, the ministry said. 


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