Dow closes above 30,000 for first time amid strong market mo

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U.S. stocks jumped to fresh records on Tuesday with the Dow finishing above the 30,000 mark for the first time in history, as positive momentum continued on Wall Street.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 454.97 points, or 1.54 percent, to end at 30,046.24. Earlier in the session, the 30-stock index hit 30,116.51 at its high.

The S&P 500 increased 57.82 points, or 1.62 percent, to 3,635.41, also a record close. The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 156.15 points, or 1.31 percent, to 12,036.79.

Ten of the 11 primary S&P 500 sectors advanced, with energy and financials closing up 5.16 percent and 3.53 percent, respectively, outpacing the rest. Real estate decreased 0.02 percent, the lone declining group.

U.S.-listed Chinese companies traded mostly higher, with eight of the top 10 stocks by weight in the S&P U.S. Listed China 50 index ending the day on an upbeat note.

On the data front, U.S. Consumer Confidence Index stood at 96.1 in November, down from 101.4 in the prior month, New York-based The Conference Board reported on Tuesday. The reading fell short of market consensus.


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